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Custom Color Cabinets

Custom Colors Cabinets

Everyone loves a kitchen and bathroom which looks clean and nice. As a matter of fact, one of the attractive features is a nice color combination. Having modern and trendy facilities in your kitchen and bathroom is not complete without a nice color combination. Here are some known color combinations which you must have not been aware of:

White and Gold

Most homeowners might not want to do away with the white color because of the cool atmosphere which it gives their kitchen. However, it would interest you to know that, a proper combination of white and gold, would wow you beyond your imagination. For unmovable facilities, you can decide to paint some white and the rest gold. You must however be careful to ensure these colors blend perfectly.

White and Leather

For those who do not like the gold option, perhaps the leather alternative should go well with you. The overall effect which this combination gives, is far beyond what you can imagine. The leather can be used to adorn the cover of the fridge, and the chairs in the kitchen. Other wood equipment in the kitchen can also be styled with leather. White and leather combination gives a modern look, with a little infusion of contemporary designs.

Blue, white and red

Perhaps, this combination has not crossed your mind before. The combination of these three colors could be the best that could happen to your kitchen or bathroom. This combination can be applied in layers, or how you deem fit. You should however ensure that, the white color is the dominant color when combining these three colors.

Steel and Coral

This color combination can be regarded as a more indirect variant of the conventional white-black-red color scheme. The nice part is, the effect which the steel and coral combination gives, is trendy and bright. You can decide to retain the white cabinets’ color, alongside with the walls. The appliances can have the steel elements. Also bear in mind that, having a white countertop (thick), comes in handy, because it introduces cohesion to the cabinetry. Hence, even though this combination speaks volumes of simplicity, it is one of the best modern and trendy styles.

White, Grey and Lime

Having a bold color does not make it compulsory to make the whole room centered around that color. All you need do is, ensure the color is strategically positioned, so that other colors can blend well. White, Grey and Lime can be properly combined to give your house a fashionable look. A good color combination in your kitchen and bathroom makes it appealing and trendy. You can decide to combine colors as you please, but you need to bear in mind the possible opinions of those who visit your home.