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Our Advantage

If you are keen on getting the best of products to commensurate the value of your money, we will surpass your expectations because of the following reasons:

Free and Fast Shipping

Most cabinet companies may not offer free shipping of products after you place your order, though they may charge less for it. But we at Cabinet Set deliver to you free of charge. What’s more? Unlike many other companies who take several weeks or even months counting to deliver, we don’t exceed two weeks from the day you make your order.

Free Kitchen Design

After spending your money on quality cabinets, we believe you deserve a perfectly done arrangement of the cabinets in your kitchen, and that’s why we help you design your kitchen free of charge. We give your kitchen a professional touch that you may never achieve on your own.

Best Price Guarantee

One of the reasons many customers come to us first is our pricing. We offer competitive prices that beat that of others in our industry, without reducing the quality of materials we use. So, it’s a win-win situation for you: you get to pay less money for good quality.

Easy DIY Setup Options

You don’t have to wrack your head or spend all day trying to figure out how to fix the products we ship to you. They are simple to fix, engaging, and you’ll have a lot of fun fixing them quickly and easily.

Cabinet Organizers

Functionality is what every home looks out for these days. Because we want to please you, we have searched out the best ways to improve on functionality, and we have come up with different fanciful cabinet organizers like trash can pullouts, utensils drawers, and corner cabinet organizers.



Custom Color Cabinets

We also offer custom color kitchen and bathroom cabinets. There are more than 1500 colors to choose from in 7 door profiles. With our cabinets you can achieve color combinations that cannot be achieved with other cabinet retailers. Talk with one of our kitchen design consultants about two or even three tone kitchens. Custom colors in addition to other cabinet options will provide opportunity to customize any kitchen or bathroom.

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