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Bathroom Vanities

Bathroom Vanities

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So you have just decided to remodel your Bathroom, an important part of your bathroom remodeling process is the choice of vanities. As important as the layout of your bathroom is, your choice of vanities also goes a long way in creating a stunning and functional bathroom. As such, it is quite pertinent to pay utmost attention to these details. In this article, emphasis will be laid on the popular types of bathroom vanities from which you can choose from. Fasten your seat belt as I take you on this joyride.

Bathroom Vanity

What’s a Bathroom Vanity?

A bathroom vanity is a piece of bathroom cabinetry that is designed to hold the sink and conceal the associated plumbing as well as providing much-needed storage. They are made from different materials but they are usually moisture resistant or waterproof, owing to the wet characteristic nature of bathrooms.

Popular Types of Bathroom Vanities

There are several main categories of vanities available out there, from which you can choose from. The popular ones are discussed here; however, the choices are not limited to them.

Free-standing Cabinet Bathroom Vanity

This is a popular type of bathroom vanity that can be customized to suit your home. It features a furniture-like construction with an option of a single or double sink. This type of vanity is a good choice for a variety of bathroom styles. Are you looking for bathroom vanity with an impressive storage capacity? This is the ideal choice for you. it has a durable design that holds off wear and tear. Most importantly, it is quite affordable. So you don't need to be scared of its installation taking a huge chunk off your bank balance.

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Wall-mounted Bathroom Vanity

Also known as floating vanity, wall-mounted vanity gives your bathroom a sleek and modern look while saving you some space. If you have a small bathroom but want to give it a modern and luxurious look, this option is for you. It is a reasonable option for small bathrooms as it provides more space since it is mounted to a wall. Also, it offers easy cleaning and enough room for shelving. Consider pairing it up with vessel sink and basin for a more elegant look. Unfortunately, the downside to its adoption includes the fact that it is more susceptible to damage if installed without cabinet support. As such, it might not be ideal for a home with small children.

Glass-Top Bathroom Vanity

Are you looking for a way to transform your regular bathroom into an elegant one? You should consider this type of vanity. Installing Glass-top vanities gives your bathroom a modern, spa-like feeling owing to the use of Tempered Glass. You can pair it with a vessel sink and faucet for a more luxurious and elegant look. This type of vanity is a very popular one in modern home décor. Adopting it would most definitely give your bathroom a modern look. It is easy to clean and is quite durable.

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Vessel Sink Vanity

This style of vanity has grown in popularity over the year. Instead of having an under-mounted sink, this type of vanity features a sink that's mounted on top of the vanity. This type of vanity offers all the modern touches of today's toilet. A very interesting advantage is its versatility. Vessel sinks can be paired with just about any type of vanity top, including marble, tile, stone, and wood. They come in a variety of material such as copper, tempered glass or porcelain. This type of vanity has a great and unique visual appeal. It encourages customization and can be easily installed.

Modern Marble Vanity

This is a good choice for contemporary bathrooms as it boasts of a clean, crisp and timeless appearance. The designs are available in a variety of options including, single basins, double basins, stone tops, pearl white marble over wood and a lot more. An impressive advantage for this option is its ability to complement just about every color. It is easy to clean and maintain, all it requires is a mild cleanser or marble polishing powder.