Vintage or Modern Kitchen: What to Choose?

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By Oriana Kirby
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Vintage or Modern Kitchen: What to Choose?

Choosing the right style for your kitchen is very important, especially if you tend to spend hours cooking almost every day. It is the heart of the home, so you cannot neglect it. When you are renovating or remodeling your kitchen, you may end up spending ages trying to decide on a style. After all, especially when it comes to remodeling, you don’t want to repeat the process soon considering how costly it can be.

Vintage and modern kitchens are both stunning, but you need to choose something that will work with the rest of your house or something that suits your personality more. If you don’t know how to decide, you should check out the following paragraphs. We have some advice that might help you out.

Vintage or Modern Kitchen

What Are the Differences Between Traditional and Modern?

Traditional kitchens are known for their wood finishes, as well as their stone tiles and limestone or marble worktops. They also focus a lot on the range cooker, because the bigger it is, the better. Traditional kitchens look very elegant and classy. The cabinets are painted or stained, and they have glass-front doors. Also, traditional kitchens have decorative moldings and vintage-looking fixtures.

“When you think of a 'traditional kitchen,' your mind may wander to the image of baking chocolate chip cookies with your children or gathering around the table with the whole family for Christmas, and you would be right,” says Emma Reed on “These are traditions. In terms of the style, however, 'traditional' refers to a timeless look.”

Modern kitchens are simpler compared to traditional ones. They come with modern appliances and ditch the floral or traditional patterns you see in rustic kitchens. Furthermore, modern kitchens do not shy away from crazier colors. They will go for shades you do not normally see in traditional kitchens. The hardware is sleek and made of chrome. Modern kitchens also use materials like stainless steel or exotic woods.

“Definitions of 'modern kitchen' vary widely, but there are a few features that are prevalent across all ranges regardless of what you perceive modern to be,” says Emma Reed on “I'm talking about a sleek sophistication and sexy appeal; a streamlined, minimalistic look that boasts bare expanses of polished countertops, frameless cabinets with unadorned doors, and sleek, chrome hardware.”

How to Choose?

If you don’t know how to choose between the two styles, here are some tips:

  • Consider the Property’s Style and Period

An easy way to pick between the two styles is by looking into the period and style of your property. A traditional kitchen will work better with a period property, for instance. Of course, that doesn’t mean that a modern kitchen will not fit beautifully as well if you know how to set it up.

If your home looks more modern, on the other hand, perhaps the kitchen can also have a modern and up-to-date style.

  • Choose What You Like

You should trust your tastes more often. After all, you are working on your own kitchen, so you need something you actually like.

If you are into something more elegant and would rather go that route, you should consider a traditional kitchen. It brings more elegance and style to a space. But if you are more into a minimalist design, you should go with a modern kitchen instead.

  • Consider the Longevity

Are you looking into something modern simply because you don’t want your kitchen to be outdated? Trends can be fun, but you don’t have to follow them if you don’t want to. Kitchens that are modern and cool now may not be that stylish in a few years. Usually, their life span is around 5-10 years until they go out of date. On top of that, traditional kitchens are more likely to be updated or have increased longevity.

Don’t let yourself be controlled by trends if you are not into them. It is more important to choose something you like.

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