Top Bathroom Vanity Styles in 2021

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By Oriana Kirby
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Top Bathroom Vanity Styles in 2021

The year 2021 is one where we let our renovation ideas loose – starting with the bathroom. Looking at your old vanity, you realize that it’s the first thing that should go. But what should you put in its stead? Well, here are a couple of ideas.

  • Double-Sink Vanities

Double-sink vanities have grown quite popular in the past couple of years. Not only are they a symbol of luxury, but they are also quite convenient for bigger families.

Whether you want to stop your daughters from fighting over who can use the vanity first, or you just want to impress, a double-sink vanity is the way to go. Just make sure that you get a mirror big enough as well so that people aren’t fighting over the mirror next.

  • Floating Vanities

Floating vanities are a great choice for those who don’t have a lot of bathroom space to spare. “A wall-hung vanity is clean and airy and doesn’t seem like a big heavy box on the floor,” says Hastings Tile & Bath director, Bob Gifford.

Plus, since this piece will be “floating”, it will be much easier for you to clean the bathroom floor. Moreover, since most of the floor remains uncovered, it will give the impression of more space.

The more of your floor you can see, the airier your bathroom will feel.

Bathroom Vanity Styles

  • Vintage Vanities

Vintage is back in town, and these types of vanities are selling like hot pieces right now. People often go for gold and bronze tones to give the overall kitchen a warmer look. Mixing the vanity with similar vintage pieces (such as a freestanding tub), you can get a gorgeous bathroom.

Plus, vintage vanities represent a great alternative to costly custom pieces. You can just as well find a unique piece on the marketplace or at a vintage shop – and all you may have to do is give it an extra layer of paint. It is much cheaper than ordering one from scratch.

  • Marble-Top Vanities

If you want to stay modern and somehow still keep a vintage vibe, then you might want to consider getting a marble-top vanity. Marble was popular in the years before and continues to be popular in 2021 as well. The smooth and elegant design of marble remains timeless, and the advantage is that it can easily go with any bathroom theme that you pick.

  • Wood Vanities

You may think that wood has nothing to do with the bathroom, but trends seem to say otherwise. Nowadays, as long as the wood was prepped and coated correctly, it can easily resist the humidity that often occurs in the bathroom.

“The wood vanity feels classic and complements the palette without adding another color to the mix,” says interior designer Teresa Schmitt Pierce. Plus, you can get wood-looking vanities that were made from different materials. “Technology has gotten better and better at emulating the real product. Now people are like, ‘That’s really porcelain?’” says interior designer Michael-Battaglia.

  • Open-Shelving Vanities

Nowadays, everything is all about shelves. People no longer like to deal with doors, because each closed vanity door is a wasted previous second. Rather than constantly opening and closing doors, an open-shelving vanity will only have you reach and grab.

Plus, this kind of vanity can end up being very spa-like, as long as you store the right items on the shelves. White folded towels can be a good example of what you can store on those shelves. These vanities can also offer the impression of more space, making them perfect for small bathrooms.

  • Minimalist Vanities

Nowadays, people are all about clean designs, which is why minimalist vanities should be the way to go. They are much easier to maintain, and they are also a lot easier to install. Plus, since more and more people have to put up with small bathrooms, a minimalist vanity can provide a smooth, clutter-free look.

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