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Rustic Kitchen Design Color Ideas You Should Try

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Rustic Kitchen Design Color Ideas You Should Try

Does your kitchen need a spruce-up? Perhaps you want to paint the walls and the cabinets, but you don’t know which color palette is going to give it that rustic vibe. What would your best bet be to get that “country” design you are craving?

Rustic colors are the ones that seem natural and deep. Go for earthly colors such as brown, fall colors, grays, and greens. If the color can be found in nature, it is considered to be a rustic one. These shades are soothing and relaxing, making them perfect for those wanting to escape the hectic city life.

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If you don’t know what to do with your kitchen, here are some pointers that could help you.

1.     Green or Blue Islands

The best way to create a rustic vibe is to start from the center of your kitchen. That can be done with a color such as a greyish blue or deep forest green. Emeralds or teal greens are very popular nowadays, and they are best matched with natural neutrals such as beige or peach.

“Neutral tones are the overarching theme when it comes to colors for your country kitchen, though some projects will have an accent color for their islands like a stoney blue or earthy green,” says Terri Simone, designer and marketing expert.

2.    Dark Grey and Pale Blue

The purpose of a rustic kitchen is to make you feel welcome while giving you a sense of ease. Dark colors alone may be cozy and cocooning, but in the rustic scheme, they may feel rather heavy. Things change if you pair them with a lighter color, as it creates a balance.

A good idea is to take a pale tone such as pale blue, duck egg blue, or any other similar color, pairing it with dark grey. If you play light shades against the darker shades, this will create a contrast and provide a sense of balance.

3.    Sunny Yellow

If you want a beautiful rustic kitchen that exudes energy, you can’t go wrong with yellow. Some popular hues here are buttercup yellow, heritage ochre, and primrose. They can easily make a dark scheme feel much lighter, bringing the equivalent of the sun into your kitchen.

Keep in mind that each shade of yellow may look different on your walls and cabinets, depending on the amount of sunlight you get. You should test them out first and see exactly what they look like dried in the light. You should also pair them with the shades of your choice before you start doing the final painting. This way, you will be certain that everything matches perfectly.

4.    Charcoal and Black

It might seem counterproductive to add black in a country kitchen, as it is often used in modern designs. That being said, when it is styled correctly, it can lead to a beautiful country kitchen. While you should steer clear from metallic black colors, matte charcoal will add a very intriguing base. It is especially useful for wooden cabinets.

“Majority black kitchen ideas, or black and white kitchen ideas, can be great for a country scheme, especially when lifted with natural wood furniture and accessories that introduce warmth and texture. Decorative elements such as artworks, plants, and displays of kitchenalia will also soften the look, and bring an eclectic feel to your kitchen,” says interior stylist and designer Sara Bird.

5.    Classic Farmhouse or Brick Red

If you’ve ever been in a farmhouse back in the day, you’ve probably noticed how the walls or kitchen cabinets had a rich, deep red color. Warm red sets the stage for a relaxing and cozy kitchen, its earthly look giving you that rustic vibe that you want.

This color goes particularly well if your kitchen has some dark wooden beams in it. Keep in mind that a base color is also necessary to balance out the red hues. For example, if your walls have that dark red hue, then you should opt for warm, white cabinets. This will take away the heaviness of the space.