Retro Kitchen Design

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By Oriana Kirby
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Retro Kitchen Design

In the age of minimalism, many people like to have a simple, bright, and airy kitchen. However, there are also those ‘old souls’ that like having an old-fashioned retro kitchen. They are somehow cozier – and done right, they will make your kitchen look timeless. Here are some design moves you can pull to create the perfect retro kitchen. 

Retro Kitchen Design

  1. Pastels

All retro kitchens have pretty much one thing in common: pastel hues. Whether they use a faded pink or mint, they all feature the freshness of pastel colors. To create a balance, you might want to add modern pieces in there as well, like a modern countertop.

Try to compliment the colors when you mix and match them. For instance, white cabinets, wood countertops, and a mint accent wall (along with mint accessories) will create the perfect retro look.

  1. Mismatched Cabinets

Nowadays, we see a lot of matching cabinet sets in kitchens – but in retro times, you wouldn’t see this. While the cabinets in a retro kitchen did have certain common points and similarities, they also had features that would differentiate them.

For example, while the cabinets would be made of wood, they would either have different shapes and designs or were painted in different colors. Two-colored cabinets were quite popular around that time too. This gave kitchens a much cozier feel while appearing well-pieced together.

  1. Checkered Floors

Fun floors, particularly checkered floors, were very popular in retro design. Black and white combos were the most popular, but nowadays, you may choose any other fun color. Blue was also particularly popular, but you may also go for a seafoam color or a light pink one. It all depends on your preferences. 

“There’s no one ‘correct’ retro kitchen flooring. From linoleum to tile to wood, lots of flooring types can give a vintage look to a kitchen. But there’s one show-stopping style that will always give off strong retro vibes: a black and white checkered floor,” says ApartmentTherapy designer, Adrienne Breaux. 

  1. Pops of Color

A retro kitchen will have a lot of color in it, either spread out in pops or acting as an accent. The secret here is to balance bold colors with muted shades such as black, ivory, or white. For instance, if the base of your kitchen is brown or ivory, you may consider painting the cabinet doors a deep purple.

“Consider adding pops of bright color in exposed shelving, on countertops, or above the fridge to give any kitchen a more retro feel,” says interior designer Ashley Knierim.

  1. Colorful Appliances

You may have the perfect retro cabinet in your kitchen, but if your appliances are boring and old, you might not be able to get the design that you want. Look at your average white fridge; wouldn’t it be awesome if it was a pretty mint color instead? You can either pick one that is already in that color, or you may decide to paint it yourself.

“Pick a vivid, colorful coffee maker or a mixer that is ‘modern, while still having that retro vintage look,’ or choose eclectic accessories and artwork to bring cheer and drama to your space,” advises Xavier Cruz, a real estate agent from Chicago.

  1. Dining Corners

Nowadays, kitchens have mostly one purpose: to be a place for cooking. If people wanted to eat, they would take their food to the dining room. However, in the retro times, kitchens would also be used as a place where they could sit down and eat or enjoy a cup of coffee.

As a result, in order to obtain that retro kitchen design, you might want to incorporate a dining nook in there as well like a small table with some colorful chairs set around it. A built-in bench would not only add character but would also provide extra storage space in your kitchen.

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