Popular Bathroom Color Combinations to Consider This Year

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By Oriana Kirby
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Popular Bathroom Color Combinations to Consider This Year

It’s that time again. After staring at your bathroom colors for such a long time, you finally had it. You are bored of it and feel like it’s in some desperate need of renovations. But what colors should you use this time? Well, this article will suggest some extremely popular color combos and you can also choose custom color cabinets.

  1. White and Cream

It might sound classic, but cream and white bathrooms are still at the top popularity chain this year. Traditionally, bathrooms weren’t made to be very colorful either way. People would use color schemes that did not draw too much attention, as they wanted the bathroom to be a place of relaxation. They wanted it to look refreshing and use colors that would not stress the eye. For this reason, this color combo will not lose popularity points anytime soon.

White bathroom cabinets

  1. White and Cherry Red

Those that wish their bathroom to have a splash of color might want to consider white and cherry red bathrooms. In this case, the cabinets, toilet, sink, or bathtub should be white – but one wall and other accessories should be red. For example, the wall on which the sink is placed should be red – with the rest being white. Top it with some red bathmats and red towels, and you will have a clean and cheerful-looking bathroom.

  1. White and Amaranth

If you want your bathroom to be pink but not exactly pink, or want it red but not really red, then you might want to try amaranth. Amaranth isn’t pink, but isn’t red either – instead, it’s a beautiful mix between the two of them. The resulting color is not too frilly, nor is it too masculine, making your bathroom look beautiful and elegant while retaining a dose of cuteness.

  1. White and Mint

Do you want to make your bathroom feel fresh and cheerful? In that case, you might consider making it white and mint colored. This color combination looks particularly good with small bathrooms, where you need to make the most out of every inch. A bathroom with mint walls and white appliances will make the place look much larger and give the area a fresher appeal.

  1. White and Midnight Blue

Do you feel a bit daring? Maybe you are looking for a striking color theme that will leave more of a statement. In that case, you might want to try out a color variation that includes white and midnight blue. This color combo is suitable for those that have a medium to large-sized bathroom, as dark colors will usually make the space look smaller.

  1. Cream and Chocolate

What do you think about turning your bathroom into something delicious? Sure, you might not be able to eat it – but you’ll be able to enjoy it with your eyes. These colors mixed in your bathroom will immediately make it feel luxurious and cozy – something that everyone wants to enjoy at the end of the day. Imagine taking a bath with chocolate-scented products in this kind of kitchen.

  1. Brick Red and Dark Green

Do you want to turn your bathroom into an inviting forest? If that’s the case, this color combo should certainly appeal to you. Traditional farmhouse styles are back to enchant our senses, and these colors are perfect if you want to make your bathroom feel friendly and inviting. Add the occasional dose of piney wood in the mix, and you will have a lovely bathroom that will not overwhelm your family and guests.

  1. Black, Red, and White

Are you feeling even more daring? In that case, you might want to try walls with black tiles, red plumbing casing, and white grout. This is the perfect color combo if you wish to have a contemporary bathroom that exudes elegance and beauty. Bear in mind that since black typically makes rooms look smaller, it is an appropriate choice for medium-sized bathrooms and above.

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