Modern Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

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By Oriana Kirby
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Modern Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

modern kitchen cabinets

The kitchen is the heart of the home. This is one place where visitors feel comfortable to stay after the living room. As a homeowner, you will not want your visitors to tease you when they enter your kitchen and see archaic designs and structures.

Hence, one way you can avoid this, is to integrate state-of-the-art and trendy kitchen cabinet which will add style to your kitchen. Since the kitchen is one of the places in the house where we spend ample time, then it is not a bad idea to make it stylish.

Below are 4 trendy kitchen cabinet ideas that will make your kitchen glamorous:

Veneer Wood Cabinetry

Slab use and wood veneer cabinets doors is a fast-growing trend. This cabinetry concept integrates depth and warmth to your kitchen. Actually, the idea of slab veneer had been adopted in some parts of the world. No, it is becoming generally accepted.

Surely, there are a good number of reasons for this increasing popularity. Veneer slabs highlights wood grains in a graceful style. The patterns of the grain look like they tell a story of the tree from which they originated.

Buyers need to be informed that, there are various qualities of slab veneer cabinets. Hence, it is advised to get a dealer who is well-skilled and trusted.

Not all veneers have the same method of creation, if it is not done properly, the edging peels off and this is not good because it ensures the veneer is in position. However, if it is done well, it can last for years.

 Stainless steel cabinetry

Another modern and trendy style you can fix in your kitchen, is the stainless steel and the sleek style it brings. These days, a good number of homeowners now prefer stainless steel equipment.

I can assure you that, your kitchen will be transformed into a beautiful sight, when adorned with cabinet doors made from stainless steel.

There are lots of benefits to get with stainless steel cabinets in your kitchen. First off, it is effortless to clean, and it promotes good hygiene.

In addition, if the solid stainless steel cabinets are beyond your budget, you can opt for MDF cabinets which have steel layers on the top.

Lacquered kitchen cabinets

If you have not heard of lacquered kitchen cabinets, then you have been missing out. These cabinets are similar to a car, which has just been painted. So, imagine having this in your kitchen, integrating a fine blend of style and brilliance.

The process of producing lacquered cabinets starts with fixing lots of lacquer coats, then polishing and finally waxing.

If professionally done, lacquer finishes promise durability and resistance to scratch and glazes. The only downside is, it is not the best choice when little children are around.

There are however, several products which can clean lacquer, you just need to ensure that you use the right product, so that the finishes do not eat off.

Floating shelves

One of the trademarks of modern design is clean lines, and one profound way to do this, is to fix floating shelves in your kitchen. Floating shelves integrate straight lines which match with either contemporary or modern decoration.

A good number of homeowners prefer this patter for upper cabinets and for the bottom half, closed cabinetry doors. With this, more storage is allowed for utensils and appliances which are not so attractive.

Floating shelves in your kitchen alongside with a backsplash made from either glass or tile, will transform your kitchen from average to superb.

For your kitchen to attain the modern look, there are several choices for you to pick from. Asides the fact that you can use cabinetry ideas to give your kitchen a trendy look, there are other ideas you can integrate. Selecting the right cabinetry to design your kitchen can be tasking. Hence, it is advised that you do not rush yourself.

Simply take your time, and evaluate all the choices before you. If you want to save yourself of the stress of thinking, you can hire an expert to check all the possibilities. You should however ensure that you select a cabinet style which works fine with your lifestyle.

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