Minimalist Kitchen Color Ideas

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By Oriana Kirby
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Minimalist Kitchen Color Ideas

For a lot of people, the kitchen is the most important part of their house. It is where the food magic happens, and where the family can gather at the end of the day for a delicious dinner. But to feel at peace in your kitchen, you need to reach the right aesthetic. For example, if you’re into minimalist designs and want to change the aspect of your kitchen, then you need to pick colors that will match your desired look.

Here are some minimalist color ideas that will make you want to stay in your kitchen the entire day.

  1. Everything White

You may feel like white is too common and it may look boring, but that’s not the case. If you’re going for a minimalist design, keeping everything white can help you get there. The aesthetic will look clean, and it will also bring a modern feel to it.

Combine a white wall with white countertops, cabinets, and appliances, and you will feel the magic. And don’t worry if you have pets or kids – the design is still functional, and you should be able to clean everything easily. “Even in a home filled with kids, white can be cleaned to perfection," says Jane on

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  1. Dark Colors

If you want to take a more different approach, you can go for dark, moody colors. They would still fulfill your minimalist desires and they will look amazing – making an impression on all your guests.

To do this, you could consider adding black and brown granite cabinetry, as well as some wood touches here and there. If you want to add another color into the mix, red will do amazing. The chairs, for instance, could be the red pieces of the kitchen.

Another thing you can do is make everything black, such as your countertop and cabinet, as well as the table. Then, combine this with the herringbone floor warmth. It will create a minimalist and beautiful design and make it feel like a piece of art.

  1. Add Some Neutrals

If you don’t want to go dark and don’t like white, you can consider some neutrals. That means you can mix some cream and light gray shades for your cabinetry and countertop. You could still keep your walls white while settling for gray and cream colors for the rest of the kitchen. It will create a wonderful contrast and the whole kitchen will look spectacular. As for the ornamentation, you can keep it minimal, because the design of the countertop and cabinets will be enough to decorate the space.

  1. Consider Warm Colors

Warm colors are also a great way to keep the minimalist design of a kitchen while being ahead of the trends. Warm, neutral colors will make the kitchen feel very calm and relaxing, and you will be at peace whenever you are cooking your meals.

“To stay ahead of the trends, make a move towards warm neutral colors and pastels rather than stark whites and dull greys. This transition to warmer shades offers a more welcoming and calming feel, in addition to providing an opportunity to subtly include brighter colors,” says Exeter Kitchen Store.

  1. Add Some Blue

You can add more color through other things apart from cabinetry, cookware, and dishes. For example, you can have a statement piece of a certain color, which will still be minimalist despite the boldness. A deep blue hue will be perfect for this.

“Rather than only introducing color through accents like dishes and cookware, pick a statement piece, and don't be afraid to be bold,” says Hadley Mendelsohn on

  1. Monochrome Color Palette

If you are aiming for the minimalist kitchen style, then you could look into a monochrome color palette. With this, you can add a green pop of color. It will surely add some life and personality into your favorite space, and you’ll be more likely to spend time in the kitchen.

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