How to Combine Backsplash Colors with Your Kitchen Cabinets

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By Oriana Kirby
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How to Combine Backsplash Colors with Your Kitchen Cabinets

backsplash and kitchen cabinets

Sometimes, finding the perfect color theme for your cabinets might actually be a very complicated task, as you never know how to combine the colors. Which color goes best with which? Should the colors be matching – or should they be different and form a contrast?

While all of this relies on preferences, there is still a right and a wrong way to do it. So, how do you ensure that everything is just right – that it perfectly aligns with everything else that you have in your kitchen? Well, here are a few suggestions that we put together for you.

Tips to Combine the Backsplash and Cabinet Colors

When it comes to choosing the color theme of your kitchen, no one can really tell you what to do – or which color to go for. However, to make sure that everything is nice and aesthetically pleasing, you might want to know which kind of combination to choose.

  • The Rule of Three

Generally speaking, when you are choosing the color theme for your kitchen, you might want to follow the rule of three. For every one or two bold colors that you choose, you might want to go for at least one neutral color – to make everything blend nicely.

These neutral colors can be anything going from white to grey and black. Black is the most popular option if you wish to go for a sleek, elegant feel for your kitchen, whereas white gives a feeling of airiness and space. Nonetheless, it’s ideal that you use a “blender” whenever you are going for any bold colors.

  • Use Complementary Colors

If you want to create a bold, colorful look in your kitchen, perhaps the best way to do so is to use complementary colors from the color wheel. When combined, these colors create great contrast, making each other stand out the most. However, bear in mind that if you use complementary colors on the backsplash and the cabinets, you might want to even things out by using a neutral color (preferably white) to make things blend.

  • Match the Colors – Literally

Sometimes, the best way to combine colors – is to match them altogether. For example, if you have upper cabinets, you might want to use the same color on the cabinets that and the backsplash. This way, the cabinets will blend right in, and it will give your kitchen an airier feel.

Examples of Colors to Mix

Still not sure what colors to go for, even though you know the technicalities of choosing them? Well, here are a few suggestions that you can try out in your own kitchen.

  1. Dove Gray and Icy Blue

For a bright and airy kitchen, you might want to go for dove gray backsplash and icy blue cabinets. However, to blend everything nicely, you might also want to go for a white countertop – so as to not overcome everyone with the splash of color.

  1. White and Ocean Blue

White is always a classic choice for backsplash – particularly if you combine it with some ocean blue lower cabinets. Plus, if you add some white upper cabinets along with the ocean blue lower ones, you will literally bring the ocean breeze into your own kitchen. The entire place will feel more spacious – and very tranquil.

  1. Black and Red

This color combo will always express elegance and mysterious vibes. Therefore, if you have a spacious kitchen that could use a little “coziness,” you might want to try red backsplash with black cabinets. The colors, powerful as they are, will complement each other and will make the place seem all the more elegant and mysterious.

To even things out, you might want to use a red islander as well. This way, it will be much easier for you to properly match the color theme.

The Bottom Line

Overall, no one can really tell you which colors to use in your kitchen. Still, while you are free to use each color combo that you want, you might want to ensure that you are also using a blending shade. This way, you will make sure that the contrast is not too high, and everything feels harmonious.


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