Create Your Perfect Wood Cabinets

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By Oriana Kirby
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Create Your Perfect Wood Cabinets

Perfect Wood Cabinets

Cabinets are an important detail of a kitchen that takes up over a quarter of kitchen remodel budget. Classy cabinetry can make your home look like a million buck. It is therefore imperative that proper research is done when it comes to choosing materials, especially when dealing with wood. As appealing as they could be, wood cabinets can give you some issues if your choice of material is just not right. Remember, your kitchen is one of the focal points in your home, therefore your cabinets must be durable, functional and of course attractive.
However, beyond style and functionality, you might want to consider choosing the right material, especially when picking out wood cabinetry.
You wouldn't want to spend so much only to bite your fingers later right? To avert such a situation, proper research is needed to know the best wood for kitchen cabinets that suits your need and sits well within your budget.

Read on to find out the best wood you can adopt for your cabinetry.


Maple is one of the most popular wood choices for kitchen cabinets because of its versatility. It can be used in traditional, transitional and contemporary kitchen styles depending on the door style and finishing options. Maple is a hardwood with a fine and smooth texture. It ranges from nearly white to cream color and would be a good choice if you are looking for a material whose price range is between low and moderate. Walnut
Just like Maple, walnut is a hardwood but with a significant grain and color variation from creamy white to dark brown. It is considered premium wood because it is not readily available compared to other common options. It is perfect for a classic, mid-century modern styles. If you are a fan of high color variation, you can opt-in for this option. It is quite versatile and would look good when paired with white cabinets or ornate elements for a traditional touch. Be ready to spend a lot if you desire this material.

Rift Oak

Rift oak is a hardwood with distinctive linear grains that are tightly spaced together. Because of its grains’ linear outline, it can be applied either horizontally or vertically. It is a reasonably common wood with a slight increase in its price compared to regular Oak. The difference in price is due to additional work put into it in milling.
Although Rift oak is a popular choice for modern style kitchen, it can also be used for traditional and transitional styles depending on door style, finish, and surrounding design elements. It is quite expensive. Cherry
Cherry is a type of wood with a timeless, classic and rich look. If you envision a rich, traditional style cabinet, consider cherry as the right option. It is a considered a hardwood but in the real sense, it is softer than other woods in this category. It has a rich grain with occasional small pin knots and pitch marks. When it comes to popularity, Cherry is not as popular as it was decades ago. However, it is still a good choice if you prefer a darker and more traditional look.
Cherry is considered to be hardwood but is softer than other woods in this category. It has a rich grain with occasional small pin knots and pitch marks and is often associated with high-end woodworking. It is readily available but is quite expensive than Clear Alder and Maple.

Clear Alder

This type of wood is similar to cherry but is less expensive thus making it readily available. It is a light tan to reddish-brown wood with a moderately fine uniform grain. It is also much softer compared to Cherry. This characteristic softness makes it useful for producing distressed and antiqued finishes. You can make it more attractive by staining, glazing or painting.
Clear Alder is a good choice wood for your cabinets if you'd love to opt-in for a country-style kitchen.

Knotty Alder

Knotty Alder is a relative softwood, typically with knots throughout, thus the reason for its name. if you need a rustic look, consider this type of wood. Its natural features combined with the nicks and dents accumulated over time make it a good choice for this purpose.
Knotty Alder is a common wood in the West because it is readily available. It has a reasonably low price.


You should choose oak if you prefer a more traditional look. Oak is a hardwood with a light to medium brown color. It exhibits a coarse and uneven grain. It is also readily available and is less expensive compared to Rift Oak.

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