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Contemporary Bathroom Design

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Contemporary Bathroom Design

Many people think that designing a contemporary bathroom only involves the latest trends and the most modern tiles and materials. However, it’s more than that. Apart from the good looks, a contemporary bathroom is about making a space that will be your peaceful sanctuary for a very long time.

There are many things you can do to create a contemporary bathroom look. You can do it by completely renovating your bathroom but making small updates on a budget will also allow you to achieve a contemporary design.

Contemporary Bathroom

Here are a few ideas that will help you a lot:

  1. Consider Black Fixtures

If you are tired of the typical silver fixtures you often find in bathrooms and want something more modern, you can go with different colored fixtures. Black is a wonderful choice.

Believe it or not, but this simple update is enough to give the bathroom the contemporary design you want so much.

“A bathroom doesn't need to be completely gutted and renovated from floor to ceiling to make an impact,” says Stephanie Montes on “Something as simple as swapping all the fixtures in your white bathroom to black hardware is an easy, but visually striking contemporary update.”

  1. Paint the Whole Bathroom Black

Having black fixtures may not be enough for you, especially if you want a less subtle change. If you like black and want a contemporary bathroom look, you can also paint your whole bathroom black.

If you use some metallic accents and several shiny surfaces, they will add some light and make up for the darkness brought by the black shade.

“There is no better way to modernize a space than to paint it in the darkest shade of black,” says Stephanie Montes on “Shiny surfaces and metallic accents bring light to this moody space, making it feel so luxe and not the least bit washed out.”

  1. Add Hexagonal Tiles with Pastel Colors

Black is not for everyone, and you do not necessarily need this shade to achieve the contemporary design for your bathroom. Pastel colors can also bring you the desired look.

One great way to incorporate them is by adding hexagonal tiles of different colors, such as pale pink, green, and grey. It will definitely change the atmosphere.

  1. Add Some Mermaid Tiles

Anyone who is a fan of the ocean will love this idea.

When you do not want to opt for normal tiles or hexagonal ones but still want to get a nice, contemporary bathroom look, you can go for mermaid tiles, and pair them with minimalist white tiles. It will leave a good impression on anyone who visits your house.

  1. Install a Modern Freestanding Tub

Modern-looking freestanding tubs can change the look of the whole bathroom. You should ditch the clawfoot tub and opt for the freestanding one instead if you want to achieve a contemporary aesthetic.

“We love a clawfoot tub as much as the next interior enthusiast, but when you are going for an updated look, skip the classic go-to. Instead, install a more modern-looking freestanding tub,” advises Stephanie from

  1. Get a Modern Bathroom Mirror

The mirror you choose for your bathroom certainly has an effect on the whole design. Therefore, getting a statement mirror is more important than you think.

You have many options to choose from. For instance, you can get a smart mirror that has special settings for steam and not only, or you can opt for a mirror with an ornate frame. It is up to you which one you settle for.

“And remember, modern does not always mean minimalist bathroom décor or clean, defined lines. So, embrace your curves with an abstract-shaped mirror whilst butchering the lyrics to ‘Who run the world? Girls!’ into your hairbrush,” say Hebe Hatton and Christina Chrysostomou from

Final Thoughts

If the contemporary bathroom design is what you want for your sacred sanctuary, you should consider some of the ideas above. Simple things like the mirror, tiles, and bathtub can help you achieve the look you want for your bathroom, and you may even get this design by changing the colors of the room. Choose whichever option suits your preferences the most.