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Wood-Look Flooring Ideas for Your Kitchen

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Wood-Look Flooring Ideas for Your Kitchen

Many people want that picture-perfect kitchen that looks straight out of a magazine. The problem is that to achieve that look, you need wood flooring.

Still, kitchens are known to be a flood-danger zone. So, hardwood floors might not be the best solution. That being said, there are some alternatives you may use for wood-look flooring. Read on to find out more!

  1. Engineered Wood Flooring

When you want a wood look on your kitchen floors, you must consider the obvious material: wood. The problem is that regular wood flooring may not be able to withstand potential water that spills on the floor. This is where engineered wood comes in.

Wood-Look Flooring

Made from a mix of real wood at the surface and plywood at the bottom, this flooring option was treated to withstand harsh conditions in the kitchen. It does not get damaged very easily in case of flooding and it is very versatile as well. Engineered wood can also withstand high heat levels, which means you may install underfloor heating in your kitchen.

  1. Reclaimed Wood

If you are looking for an environmentally-friendly option, experts recommend you try reclaimed wood. This material was taken from old structures but was treated with various solutions to increase its longevity. Similar to engineered wood, it should withstand scratches and splashes on the floor. However, you may want to be very careful if your kitchen gets high levels of humidity.

“You might like to consider reclaimed wood flooring. This is not only eco-conscious but also introduces authentic charm to the kitchen. No piece of wood is identical and therefore no kitchen using reclaimed wood will be either,” says the director of The Main Company, Alex Main. If you want your kitchen to have that unique look, then reclaimed wood might be what you are looking for.

  1. Exotic Wood-Pattern Tiles

If you want your kitchen to look unique and luxurious, you should search for wood-like tiles with exotic patterns. These tiles are not only very trendy but also highly sophisticated. They can add a fair degree of personality to an otherwise bland kitchen.

Nowadays, you may easily find tiles that look exactly like wood. Most are made from porcelain, but you may find other materials as well. Go for matte tiles, as they are more effective at providing that wood look than shiny tiles.

  1. Darker and Lighter Tile Mix

A good method to achieve a wood look without necessarily using wood pattern tiles is to mix lighter and darker tiles. If you cannot find a hardwood pattern, you can go for different shades of brown. Mix them in different patterns until you get a wood-like vibe on your floors.

The key here is to not go for fixed placement, like checkered floors. For instance, you may have more light shades than dark shades or vice-versa. Wood does not have even colors in its natural state, so mixing these tiles efficiently might lead to an aspect that looks like wood.

  1. Wood-Pattern Laminate or Vinyl

If your kitchen is in constant flood danger or you regularly spill liquids on the floor, you may want to consider laminate or vinyl. This material is more similar to plastic than anything else, but the pattern styles are endless. You may easily find a set of laminate planks with a wood pattern that can give your kitchen a more rustic look.

Bear in mind that not every piece of vinyl or laminate has the same water resistance. You may want to do some research before choosing, to make sure that it fits your needs. Some materials are also prone to scratching, so you should check the scratch resistance as well.

“Common types of flooring, such as hardwood and laminate, simply can't hold up to prolonged exposure to water. Tile offers protection against spills, but it's not necessarily an inexpensive option, especially when you factor in the installation labor cost,” says Jordan Fulmer of Momentum Property Solutions. If you are on a budget, vinyl is cheaper and comes in a variety of patterns.