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What You Should Know About Mesh Cabinets

Posted in: Kitchen Ideas
By Oriana Kirby
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What You Should Know About Mesh Cabinets

Over time, we had a lot of cabinet trends coming and going. We’ve seen glass cabinets, we’ve seen open shelves – and now we see mesh cabinets. But what is the deal with this trend, and why do we love it so much? Well, this article will go over the basics.

What Are Mesh Cabinets?

“The material – more commonly used in architectural projects – is made by machine-weaving wire into a flat mesh, which is then cut and edged using a sheet-metal bender. Its flexibility allows for the integration of functional requirements such as the door hinges, which are machined in the same material and embedded into the cabinet's wall,” says German designer Meike Harde, from Studio Meike Harde.

To put it simply, rather than using standard materials such as glass or wood panels, these cabinets use mesh instead. They are a good alternative between closed cabinets and open shelving, giving more texture to the kitchen while increasing visibility.

Mesh Cabinets

What Makes Mesh Cabinets a Good Choice?

There are several things that make mesh cabinets a fabulous choice. Here are just some of them:

  • They Make the Kitchen Seem Bigger and Brighter

Typically, with standard closed cabinets, you cannot see what’s underneath the wall – and when the light shines, it bounces right back from the door. With mesh cabinets, the light will shine right through and create a canister lighting effect.

Plus, since you can see through the cabinets, it adds more openness to the space. The mesh will allow you to see inside the cabinets while preventing the look of clutter. With the right arrangement, things will look nice and neat.

  • They Are Less Likely to Be Damaged

In most cases, when people want to add some dimension to the space, they opt for glass door cabinets. With that in mind, glass is also a greater risk for breaking if you aren’t careful enough. With mesh cabinets, this isn’t a problem.

  • They Add Texture and Style

If you are bored of standard glass door cabinets, wood panels, or shelving, mesh cabinets can add more texture to the room. If you are opting for rustic, steampunk, or industrial style, then mesh cabinets are a great choice.

Where Mesh Cabinets Fall Behind

Just like there are many benefits to using mesh cabinets, there are also some drawbacks to consider. This is what you should expect:

  • They Can Be Difficult to Work With

While you are less likely to damage mesh cabinetry as compared to glass, they can also be increasingly difficult to work with. This is particularly the case if you are trying to remove the glass yourself from the cabinets and replace it with mesh.

“I’ve seen where people have used various types of wire mesh that you purchase on a roll at the big box home improvement stores, like hardware cloth or even chicken wire. But I find those rolled types of wire to be so frustrating to work with. When they come on a roll, they want to stay rolled up,” says interior designer Kristi Linauer.

“Plus, they’d all have to be spray painted. I generally don’t mind spray paint, but the idea of trying to spray paint a piece of wire mesh while fighting against it trying to roll up just didn’t appeal to me,” Kristi also adds.

  • They Are More Difficult to Clean

The thing you might want to keep in mind about mesh cabinets is that they are more difficult to clean. With glass door or simple cabinets, all you have to do is wipe over the surface, and you are done.

However, with mesh cabinets, the chances are high that dirt will get stuck in the mesh. This will make matters much more difficult to handle, as you will have to gently brush the dirt away from every mesh opening. The process can be lengthy and tedious, as you need to be gentle so that you don’t damage the mesh.

The Bottom Line

Mesh cabinets are a trend that we should all look forward to. Stylish and with the ability to add texture to a kitchen, they are a great alternative to open shelving and glass cabinets. They will also help you get rid of the monotonous kitchen look.

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