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Kitchen Backsplash Trends 2021

Posted in: Kitchen Ideas
By Oriana Kirby
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Kitchen Backsplash Trends 2021

Renovating your kitchen requires a lot of effort. Besides the actual physical work you must do, you should also make sure you follow the trends. The backsplash is one of those parts that influence how your entire kitchen looks, and you cannot just go with any design. It needs to be something that you like, but also something that will fit the rest of the décor.

If you don’t know what kitchen backsplash design to go for, we have some 2021 trends that you are likely to fall in love with. Let’s get started!

Kitchen Backsplash

  1. Add Tile All the Way to the Ceiling

It doesn’t matter what material you go for. If you add it all the way to the ceiling, you can create a very luxurious design and you can make the kitchen feel much higher.

“Whatever your material choice is for the backsplash, be it slab or tile, take it all the way to the bottom of your upper cabinets. If no upper cabinets; a minimum of 18 inches of splash should be operating procedure," says Alison Pickart for

  1. Consider Blue and White

If you want a more delicate touch for your kitchen backsplash, you should consider the classic combination of blue and white. To do this, you should combine white and blue tiles. This pairs very well with creamy white cabinets, as well as bronze hardware. If you go for this design, your kitchen will look very cozy and welcoming, and you’ll want to spend most of your time there.

  1. Give Up on Cement Tiles

Cement tiles used to be the norm for a long time, and whenever you walked into a kitchen, the chances were that you could see these tiles. Well, they are starting to feel a bit outdated, so our advice would be to not invest in them.

“I think geometric cement tile backsplashes are beginning to feel dated,” says Melanie Burstin, Los Angeles interior designer for “They came into popularity to provide a fun pop of pattern and boldness, but now they're starting to be repetitive.”

Instead, you should consider organic and handmade backsplash tiles, which are a much better alternative than cement ones. Interior designer Melanie Burstin also advises people to invest in handmade and organic backsplash tiles. “With handmade tiles there's a variation with each piece, therefore creating a depth that's often missing with a more unified look. If the tile looks like it was handmade in the back of a chateau in France, it should work well,” she says.

  1. Add Wood Paneling

Did you know you can even use wood paneling for your kitchen backsplash? It may seem unusual, but it is one of the trends you should consider for 2021 if you want something more out of the ordinary. V-groove paneling can look very nice as a backsplash, and you can even use this type of material to make certain decorations look better. On top of making your cabinetry stand out, it can also help bring more attention to any wall decoration you decide to install.

  1. Zig-Zag Wallpaper

Being playful even when it comes to your kitchen backsplash can pay off. If you’re the type who likes crazy colors and designs, you could look into buying some zig-zag-striped wallpaper. This pairs well with a colorful kitchen where you’re not scared to go a bit off the charts with the designs.

  1. Consider Marble

Marble is a great material not only for your counter but also for your backsplash. This type of look can truly last for a long time and never seems to go out of trend.

“I would think twice about installing anything that is in a super trendy color or pattern,” says interior designer Edyta Czajkowska for “However, if it is something you truly, truly love, then I say go for it. After all, our homes are meant to reflect our personal style, not anyone else's."

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