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Home Bar Design Ideas

Posted in: Kitchen Ideas
By Oriana Kirby
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Home Bar Design Ideas

Going to a bar with your friends is always fun. Especially at the end of the week, when all you want to do is relax and forget about your job and other responsibilities. But while having fun at a bar with your friends is always a great experience, you can’t get yourself out of the house every single weekend. Sometimes, you wish you could bring the bar to you instead.

Well, this is possible by creating your own home bar. By doing that, you can even have some drinks while you’re in your pajamas, and you can even invite your friends over for some fun. Still, if you don’t know how to design your home bar, here are a few ideas that might help you.

  • Hide Your Appliances

If all you want is something that won’t be noticed by every guest that comes into your house, you can choose to match a small bottle cooler to your cabinets. You can purchase some prints or make your own and use them to “hide” that cooler along with other appliances. This will make it less visible, but you’ll still have it there for your peace of mind.

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Make sure you don’t use permanent print if you’re not sure about it yet. “Try a removable wallpaper if you don't want to commit just yet and feel like doing a fun DIY craft,” recommends Hadley Mendelsohn on

  • Consider Floating Bottle Storage

You don’t have to settle for a small fridge. It’s also possible to do something more modern. One great idea is to add some floating bottle storage into your home. Include it in the middle of the kitchen and use it as a room divider for a cool effect.

Also, you can choose how you want the storage will look. The bars you use for the floating storage could either be made of wood or chrome, depending on what look you’re trying to achieve.

  • Use a Drawer

Sometimes, all you need is a drawer to obtain the home bar you’re looking for. If you know how to organize your drawer, it will be perfect for a home bar. To make this work, you should buy some drawer organizers that will prevent your bottles from moving around too much and possibly toppling over.

  • Build a Pallet Bar

It’s hard to believe that pallet pieces can be so versatile, but they can truly help you build a unique home bar. All you have to do is assemble some pallets to get a cozy home bar look. It will only take you a couple of hours. After putting them together, you can also play around by adding some special effects to make your little bar look more attractive.

“Simply clean and sand the pallets, put them together, add some colorful lighting and the drinks,” says Marj Licos on

  • Create a Wine Cellar

Why not go next level and make something bigger? If you want a proper home bar, you can make yourself a nice wine cellar if you have room for it. So, whenever you want some wine, you will go to the cellar bar and select what you want for the evening. It’s not only traditional but also elegant.

  • Use a Console

Did you know you can use a flip-top cabinet as a bar? What makes it great is that you won’t have to go to the kitchen to pick up a drink from the bar. You can keep it in the living room or another area you frequently spend time in and sip a glass of liquor whenever you feel like it.

“With a piece like this, you won't have to run back and forth to the kitchen to make cocktails for your guests, but you can also hide the booze when need be,” says Hadley Mendelsohn on

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