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Dark vs White Bathroom Colors

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Dark vs White Bathroom Colors

One important part of renovating a bathroom is choosing the right color. Most homeowners use white for their bathrooms because it’s a timeless look. Others like to step out of the norm and go for a dark bathroom instead.

These tones are complete opposites, and people opt for them for different reasons. But which one is better? Since choosing a dark or white bathroom depends on your preferences and the overall design of the room, this post will present you with a few advantages of these different tones. Let’s get started!

Advantages of White Bathroom Colors

White bathrooms are extremely common. But should you go for a white bathroom as well? Let’s take a look at some benefits before you decide:

  • Timeless Look

White has always been the chosen tone for bathrooms, and it never went out of style. If you are worried about trends, then white is the safest option. It will create a timeless look that everyone is going to love.

  • Great Option for Darker Bathrooms

Dark and White bathroom

Not all bathrooms have a window that provides natural light. As a result, the space may be darker, leaving you with fewer options in terms of colors. White bathrooms are great in this respect because they make the room more spacious, and they reflect light.

“White bathrooms are a great option if your bathroom space is lacking windows or natural light, as they help to brighten a space and reflect light, which also makes this a particularly good option for smaller bathrooms. Just make sure you choose the right white paint for your walls and ceiling, as well as your tiles,” advises Samantha McMeekin from Homes to Love.

  • Fresh and Clean Look

A white bathroom will always provide a feeling of freshness and cleanliness. Everything will look pure, and you’ll feel at peace while using this bathroom.

“All-white bathroom interiors create a feeling of cleanliness and freshness. In addition, the color does not attract attention and you can enjoy the view from the bathroom window or just relax when you have no window,” says Kremena Ruseva from Deavita.

Advantages of Dark Bathroom Colors

Now, when it comes to dark bathrooms, things are a bit different. You don’t see them quite often – especially in homes with smaller bathrooms. But if you know how to play with this tone, where to add it, and how much darkness to add to the room, it can look great. Here are some pros of dark bathrooms:

  • More Depth

Black can add more depth to a bathroom, and it can bring attention to the brighter parts of the room. If you know how to pair it with the right décor, you can achieve a look that everyone will compliment.

“Dark interior colors draw your eye to any bright spots in the room, and instantly add depth with these pops of lightness,” says Ashley Chalmers.

  • A Contemporary Feel

If you go for darker tiles, you can achieve a more stylish and modern room. If you combine dark tiles with lighter design choices such as light cabinets or decorations, the bathroom will look more elegant.

What’s great is that you can use tiles like this in different patterns, adding more personality to the space. Some amazing choices include pinwheel patterns, staggered patterns, and herringbone patterns.

  • Metal Accents Can Be Enhanced

Metal accents are hardly visible in a white bathroom. But in a dark one, they can stand out. Metal accents will make the bathroom look elegant and stylish, something that you will not be able to achieve if you mix metal accents with white walls and furniture.

You can pair your black walls with brushed metal towel hooks, brass taps, or a gold mirror.

  • Dramatic Effect

Is your bathroom smaller and without too much natural light? Do you still like the feeling it conveys? If that’s the case, you don’t have to rush to paint the space white in an attempt to make it lighter. Instead, you can embrace the moody and dramatic look.

“They are usually dark, windowless spaces to begin with,” says Alima Deneke from Adid Studio talking about small powder bathrooms. “Painting them white isn't going to make them light and bright, so why not embrace the dark?”