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Colorful Bathroom Design Ideas for 2021

Posted in: Bathroom Ideas
By Oriana Kirby
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Colorful Bathroom Design Ideas for 2021

Renovating your bathroom is likely one of the most long-standing projects in your home, aside from the kitchen. This is why you need to ensure that your bathroom is as trendy and timeless as possible. If you are out of ideas, here are a few popular combos that will help you splash some color in your bathroom.

  1. Yellow Walls and Colorful Tile Floors

If you want your bathroom to look like a place of sunshine in a field of flowers, then you might want to consider mixing yellow walls with colorful tiled floors. This type of bathroom will have a retro vibe that you will surely enjoy.

When creating the painting design, make sure that at least half of the wall is white – or a neutral color. This will make a difference between “loud” and “bold,” adding taste to an otherwise loudly colorful bathroom design.

Be careful when decorating as well, as you need to choose elements that can subdue the colors. “Keep it simple when decorating, and accessorize with natural products such as wooden bath brushes and bamboo floor mats, for a sleek, yet subdued look,” advises interior designer Patrick O’Donnell.

  1. Baby Pink Walls

Pink is back in action, but not the very loud kind of pink; instead, you’ll see a lot of sweet light, baby pink colors nowadays. This color idea is particularly popular in small bathrooms, as it adds a decorative statement without too much effort. After this, you’ll just have to add a portrait or two, or perhaps some decorative elements, and you’ll end up with a classy and cozy bathroom.

    Colorful Bathroom Design

  1. Pale Blue Designs

Pale blue has always been used in bathrooms, as it is a very refreshing and calming color. It reminds people of calming water hues, which is why we also tend to find these color designs in spas. They will offer a contemporary twist, and will also remain timeless in any bathroom – 2021 and beyond.

“Blue is a classic bathroom shade, but you can take it into the 21st century with what I like to call a dusty blue, which tends to be cooler and with a hint of gray. A color like Dew Drop SW 9641 is super modern but won't go out of style as quickly as some trending hues,” says Sue Wadden, the Sherwin-Williams director of Color Marketing.

  1. Pistachio

These days, everyone is going crazy over pistachio-colored walls. This is particularly popular among those who wish to get a bolder look in their bathroom, but don’t want to go for something extremely loud. Pistachio is as colorful as it is muted and tasteful, and it will energize your bathroom without you having to struggle too much with its design.

  1. Hunter Green Accent Wall

Hunter green has gained a lot of popularity nowadays, and most people use it as an accent wall. Depending on your preferences, you may pair it with just white, for a more muted shade, or you may go for another bold color in the mix. Look for colors that can complement green – the kind that you may easily find in nature.

“Adjacent to each other on the color wheel, yellow and green rooms are harmonious and easy to live with. It’s a look that feels fresh and invigorating. Yellow and green schemes have an affinity with nature and with spring. It’s a combination that instantly suggests leaves and flowers,” mentions Livingetc editorial director, Sahah Spiteri.

  1. Stormy Blue

Stormy blue works best for bathrooms with copper accents. For example, if you have a freestanding tub in a copper color, then dark stormy blue walls will create a beautiful contrast.

To ensure that the color won’t be too heavy, you might want to stick to just adding an accent wall. You may paint the rest with some off-white or light blue color. With that in mind, if you have a larger bathroom, you can go for full-blown stormy blue walls, as it can remind you of a night, (you guessed) stormy sky.

The Bottom Line

Color can prove to be an asset in the bathroom – and if you choose the right shades for your design, you can easily make a statement even in such a small place. Hopefully, we were able to help.

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