Knobs & Pulls

Hardware such as knobs and pulls are essential to any kitchen and bathroom as they open cabinet doors and drawers. Knobs and pulls differ in size and ease of use, and many people prefer using knobs because they are easier to use. On the other hand, there are also a lot who prefer pulls because they have a more stylish appearance.

cabinet handles

When designing a kitchen or bathroom, designers often use both knobs and pulls because they enhance many designs. Some kitchens had a lot of drawers and pulls complement these very well. Some kitchens have more cabinets than drawers, therefore require more knobs. The more drawers there are, the more pulls you will need. The more cabinets you have, the more knobs you will require.

Choosing the Right Colors

Another is if you have white shaker cabinets and stainless steel appliances, you may want to go with chrome or nickel as they perfectly complement this tone. If you have copper bronze appliances and darker cabinets, you may want to consider getting bronze knobs and pulls.

knobs and handles

An excellent recommendation is to consult Cabinet Set’s professional designers before making a decision.


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